Fly Concierge

Text. Eat. Drink.



  • What is Fly Concierge?

    • FLY Concierge is a mobile concierge service for New York City restaurant and bar recommendations and reservations.

    • FLY Concierge also provides its users with:

      • FLY PAPER - An acclaimed weekly newsletter with personal recommendations for bars and restaurants directly from our CEO.

      • THE BLOG - A phenomenal food and restaurant blog with visually stunning imagery and insightful commentary on the culinary scene in New York City.

  • How do I use the service?

    • It’s simple, just choose a plan (see MEMBERSHIP PLANS).

    • Use your mobile device to Text "FLY" to 646.542.1955 to get started after your payment has been processed.

    • For more information email

  • Who should use FLY Concierge?

    • Anyone looking for the best up-to-date recommendations on where to eat and/or drink in the city. 

  • Does FLY Concierge cost anything?

    • Yes, the service charges a nominal one-time amount for a week or ongoing monthly membership for continued usage.

  • Who will answer my request for a restaurant or bar recommendation?

    • Each and every request made to FLY Concierge is responded to immediately by a professional concierge: a real person, not a robot or automated program.  

  • Who are these professional concierges?

    • The FLY Concierges are New York City insiders who have the pulse of the city.  Above all else we are meticulous researchers. We read all the blogs, use all the food recommendation services and then test our findings by checking out the restaurants ourselves. In short our FLY Concierges are the most well informed bar and restaurant experts in the city. 

  • Why use FLY Concierge?

    • Because you want one go-to source for all the top recommendations. Stop wasting time checking multiple websites and apps. Just ask FLY where to go and be on your way. 

  • What hours is FLY Concierge available?

    • FLY Concierge is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with concierges at your service morning, noon and night.

  • Can I communicate via telephone or email with a FLY Concierge?

    • No, all restaurant and bar requests and related communication must be made via our private text message service.

    • However, any concerns regarding our service should be directed via email to