Fly Concierge

Text. Eat. Drink.



FLY Concierge is a mobile service for restaurants and bars in New York City.  FLY recommends specific restaurants and bars as well as make the reservations. The sign up cost is either a $10.00 monthly subscription or $5.00 weekly enrollment.


Utilizing a private text messaging platform, FLY Concierge provides its users "on the go" access to a professional concierge staff 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year.   

FLY Concierge has received considerable Press and been identified as a market innovator and the “Must Have” service for any urban explorer living, working or visiting New York City.

The Team behind FLY Concierge leads a staff of urban insiders who have the pulse of the city and are versed on the newest restaurants and coolest bars around town.  

FLY Concierge also provides its users with:

  • FLY PAPER - An acclaimed weekly newsletter with personal recommendations for bars and restaurants directly from our CEO.

  • THE BLOG - A phenomenal food and restaurant blog with visually stunning imagery and insightful commentary on the culinary scene.