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Museum Food Part 1: Museum of Art and Design

As we grow and expand as a company so too we grow and expand our blog. This week we're adding the first of a series of features focusing on the city's museums (and the restaurants that are housed within). 

We look forward to sharing all these cultural and culinary delights. 

Up first this week: 




The Museum of Art and Designed (MAD) might be one of our favorite (not so) hidden gems in New York. Although its location could not be more prominent as it sits right on Columbus Circle it somehow does not garner the attention that other New York stalwarts seem to.

The building, originally designed by Edward Durell Stone – used to be a concrete monolith towering over the southwest corner of Central Park. As MAD moved in they hired Brad Cloepfill of Allied Works to updated the building. Gone is the drab concrete (although the original lollypop arches can still be spied in the lobby) replaced with what  might be the most exciting building on that block. (Apologies to Sir Norman Foster and his gorgeous Hearst tower just a few streets away.)

 Original Edward Durell Stone

Original Edward Durell Stone

 Updated by Brad Cloepfill and Allied Works 

Updated by Brad Cloepfill and Allied Works 

Inside, the Museum’s collection and varied exhibitions focus on the art and craft of design. From furniture to jewelry to all kinds of objects that straddle aesthetics and function to a varying degree.

And of course one of our favorite features of the museum is Robert.

Who is Robert?

Robert is the museum's restaurant located on the top floor of the museum with tables up against floor to ceiling windows providing one of the most amazing views of Central Park and the city beyond.

The food is contemporary American with a Mediterranean twist – all prepared by Union Prime alum Brady Duhane. Althoguh the critics have never been too kind, we've yet to have a mediocre meal there. If somehow, for some reason you are not entirely blown away though, just order another cocktail and take in that magnificent view. 





2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019