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TWO BUCK TUESDAY - From Russia to Japan

Hello everybody and apologies for our brief hiatus. No fear though, our team has been diligently scouring the city to find you the best eats NYC has to offer.

And though our database and research are vast (sometimes to the detriment of our health) on Tuesdays we like to bring you our top cheap eats in the city.

So without further ado – if you’re hungry and only have a couple of bucks to drop, we suggest you drop them here:



We’ve probably hit peak Ramen with a noodle joint on every corner and many prominent foodies declaring that Ramen might have jumped the shark. To those folks a couple of facts:

1.     Ramen has been around since the beginning of time. We didn’t have time to research this          claim, but trust us.

2.     Ok Ramen is always pretty good and good Ramen is always GD delicious.

3.     Ramen is cheap.

So. With those facts in mind. If you happen to find yourself pinching pennies in Queens we can direct you to no better or more authentic Ramen experience than Tamashi Ramen. Their broth is light (unlike the reason Tonkotsu explosion we’ve been seeing) so though you leave fulfilled, you don’t leave filling like you might need to be rolled home.

A new location Tamashi Blue has also opened recently (also in Queens) which we have yet to try.


With a winter storm approaching we always try to think… who really knows how to eat through their winter months? Well few cultures or cuisines are better equipped to tackle the declining temps than the Russians. All politics aside, these guys can make some damn fine food that will warm you to your core.

To that end we’d like to point you in the direction of Teremok in the Garment district. Teremok is a chain that came over from Moscow back in 1998 – and they’ve been serving up yummy kasha and blini ever since. If you’ve never heard of or had either of those things – we suggest you run over there and educate yourself.