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TWO BUCK TUESDAY - Roll Me Up Some Goodness



If you’re sitting at home watching the snow fall and pondering where you might eat next, but not spend too much of your hard earned cash; we’ve got great news.

Though there is no lack of amazing food out here on the east coast, for a long time we here at FLY have been pining for the sushi of a man who used to sling his wares exclusively on the west coast: KazuNori Nozawa.

Every trip out west a stop at one of his Sugarfish shops was mandatory. Reasonably priced omakase was always the go to, but inevitably we would wind up ordering at least one or two (or three or four or five) more of, what in my opinion, might be the most perfect handrolls to ever grace a sushi counter.

Which is why our west coast trips became that much more enjoyable once Mister Nozawa opened up a handroll only bar: Kazu Nori.

 Original KazuNori in Downtown Los Angeles 

Original KazuNori in Downtown Los Angeles 

A restaurant focused on expedient, efficient and inexpensive handrolls of utmost perfection. The rice preparation is an in-house secret and the warm and slightly crispy nori in which they are rolled is a total delight. The filling (salmon, tuna, crab, bay scallop) is really more a garnish for the architecture around it (though everyone has a favorite… mine is bay scallop).

If this description has you salivating and pining for a trip for the west coast, salivate no longer. As of last week KazuNori has opened up its first east coast outpost in NoMad at 15 W. 28th St.

 KazuNori NY 

KazuNori NY 

Once the snow dies down and you’re looking for an affordable mid-week treat: go there!

KazuNori: 15 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001