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9 Seater

You know New York can be exclusive, but you ever heard of a place that only seats 9 people. 

This weeks mystery spot is just that. Check it out below and if you'd like to know where it is (and get recommendations for all the best and most exclusive spots in the city, sign up with Fly and let our concierges handle the rest). 


New York City has the uncanny ability to continue to out do itself.  Be it the tallest buildings, the best restaurants, or the most expensive real estate, you name it, NYC has it.

In this case, allow us to introduce you to " 9 Seater".  FLY's code name for the smallest hip restaurant to launch in Gotham in quite some time.

9 Seater is not a fictitious name.  Instead, it is literally based on the fact that this restaurant has a maximum seating capacity of 9 people.  

But despite these tiny quarters, you better bring a big appetite, as beyond the unique seating scenario, what is really novel here is the food.  

With delicacies such as the "chicken fried pork cheeks", "broiled porgy" and "garlicky rainbow chard", this restaurant captures the aura of the 19th century from palette to placemats.

9 Seater is the brainchild of an avant-garde restaurant duo. It is a special venue, ideal for New Yorkers looking to venture outside the norm.

But act fast, as the doors here just recently opened and it goes without saying, seating is limited.

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