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Burger Heaven!

This week our President, Jernej Razen, chimes in with a little mystery spot of his own. See below:

Burger Heaven

In some respects, one has to admit that the burger phenomenon has grown out of control.

Rarely a day goes by without a report of a new burger joint opening in the city.

Certainly the more the merrier, but at some point one needs to know which venue actually makes the city's best burger.

Well for that distinction, FLY has a serious contender for you.

Meet "Burger Heaven", FLY's code name for the baddest new burger joint on the block.

Burger Heaven's meat patties are made with grass-fed beef that is butchered in-house.

Also, prepared in house are the buns, condiments, pickles and in one case, even the cheese that adorns a certain burger.   

It goes without saying that a seat at Burger Heaven is in high demand. 

But rest easy, with FLY on your side you can skip the drama and let us get you a seat at the table.  

Subscribe to FLY now and ask your concierge to arrange your meal at "Burger Heaven".  


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