Fly Concierge

Text. Eat. Drink.


Cafe Cluny 

"I played hooky from work to join my wife at a doctor's appointment.

We are expecting our first child and I didn't want to miss a glimpse of the little one.

The 3D ultrasound was crystal clear.  I couldn't stop beaming once I saw my unborn son resting peacefully in mommy's belly.

Such excitement worked up my appetite so while leaving the doctor I sent a quick text toFLY, “Brunch in the West Village”.

FLY responded, “Café Cluny”

This charming and fun filled restaurant was clearly a neighborhood favorite.

My wife had the Organic Three Egg Omelette which she said was light, fluffy and delicious.

I had the Breakfast Club Sandwich (pictured below), which was finger licking good.

I paid the tab and my wife thanked me for an awesome morning.

How great a dad am I going to be?!" 

- As recounted by a client of FLY Concierge


afe Cluny

284 W 12th St. NY NY 10014