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Mystery spot from our CEO

Where does our CEO go when he's looking for a real civilized time. Read his post and let us know if you can figure it out:

So you think you're civilized.

If so, why not try tea and macarons at this uber posh cafe.

Upon entering this stunning French boutique, you will be met by a patisserie showcasing phenomenal pastries. 

Once beyond the pastries, we suggest you explore the dinner menu which includes to die for entrees such as:

Smoked organic salmon served with Carolina lemon cream

Duck foie gras served with mapple syrup macaron, and

Sea scallops carpaccio, lime snow balls with Avruga caviar.

Given these offerings and ambiance, one can only imagine how difficult it is to procure a reservation at this extraterrestrial eatery.

But rest easy, with FLY on your side you can skip the drama and let us take care of your affairs.  

Subscribe to FLY now and ask your concierge to secure you a reservation at "High Tea".  


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