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Pizza Pizza

This week's mystery spot brings you that ultimate of comfort foods: Pizza! 

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Pizza Pizza

So just because you have a family now, doesn't mean you have to forfeit your cool card or go minivan or, dare I say, station wagon shopping.

The city has a host of kid friendly restaurants that maintain an air of trendiness and as for transportation goes, try uberFAMILY or invest in a hip SUV (we're partial to the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport).

As for the former, FLY would like to introduce you to one of the coolest pizza joints north of Little Italy.

Code named, "Pizza Pizza," this restaurant serves rustic Italian Neapolitan pizza and was created to bring a chic Brooklyn sensibility to Manhattan.

The menu here is short and sweet, with each item more delicious than the next.  However, our favorite pasta is the rigatoni with beef and porcini ragu, pecorino and pizza is the tomato, anchovies, garlic, oregano and olives.

Pizza Pizza is a boutique restaurant with limited seating, so it's safe to assume a reservation is hard to come by.

But rest easy, with FLY on your side you can skip the drama and let us secure a table for your entire family.  

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