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I’m on the West Coast and craving some Ivan Ramen. What can I do?

IVAN RAMEN pop-up at POT (LA) 

5:55PM (PST) - Allen Asks:

I’m on the West Coast and craving some Ivan’s Ramen. What can I do?

I won’t lie – I posed the question from myself to myself and the answer is:

If you were in LA this last (scorching weekend) you had a chance to indulge in the Ivan Ramen pop-up which was taking place inside west coast super chef Roy Choi’s POT (at the Line Hotel).

A 50 dollar prix fixe menu served you up with three appetizers:

Ham and Eggs – which was basically a dollop of delicious Santa Barbara Uni on top of a ham wrapped square of sushi rice.

Tofu Coney Island – A tofu, mushroom, onion and white mustard concoction that reminded me for some reason of the very best and greatest bologneses I’ve ever had… despite the fact that there was no meat in there.

Chinese Greens & Garlic – Fairly self explanatory and nonetheless delicious.

With the appetizers out of the way out came the main event. For your main you had a choice between 4 types of ramen concocted by the master himself. I went for the Triple Pork Triple Garlic Mazemen. Although as many other have noted there was not quite enough tonkotsu broth to justify this being a proper slurpy ramen dish the deep rich pork/bacon flavor combined with the garlic wrapped up with some of the best textured whole wheat noodles outside of Tokyo more than made up for that quibble.

The exclamation point at the end of this little culinary ramen adventure was the Pot Ice Cream Slider – Vanilla Ice Cream, Crispy Kochujang Caramel and Ginger Honey (which added an awesome spicy after-kick) served in between a tiny (slider sized) Brioche bun. Freaking delicious.

Although the meal was certainly the star of the show this being LA we spotted a couple of culinary celebs most notably Jon Favreau chatting it up with Pulitzer Prize winning food critic extrordinaire Jonathan Gold. Mr. Ivan Ramen was likewise making the rounds and upon lumbering up from our table we were greeted by the host himself Mr. Roy Choi.

No worries my New York friends – this little sojurn does not mean I have abandoned you. I’ll be back in NYC next week answering all your food and drink related questions. 

And if this has you craving some Ivan Ramen for yourself - check out my write up of their Gotham West Slurp shop from a few weeks ago: