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Mystery Spot from our CEO

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We can certainly all recall the days of sake bombs when we were co-eds.

Before long our palettes evolved to where we could enjoy a warm or cold sake paired with the appropriate Asian delicacies.

Well now its time to take the experience up another notch.

Meet "Beyond Sake", FLY's code name for one of the most interesting venues currently operating in Manhattan.

Although the cocktails at Beyond Sake are beyond comprehension, let's start with the cuisine that will immediately transport you to the orient.

Are you familiar with okonomiyaki (pictured above), an omelette-like grilled pancake of egg, cabbage and other savory goodies, all drizzled in tangy sauces?  

Or have you ever enjoyed miso chicken wings (pictured above) sprinkled with roasted black sesame seeds and scallions and glazed in miso-buffalo hot sauce?

These two unforgettable items will probably be the most delicious "bar food" you will ever lay your fingers on.

Turning to the cocktail menu, might we suggest the sakura martini (pictured above), which blends gin, sake, maraschino liqueur and a cherry blossom—the national flower of Japan.

Another cocktail to take stock of is the umami mary (pictured above), a play on the Korean hot pot that infuses miso, red chili essence and shitake-infused vodka.

In either case, these libations represent the finest craft cocktails this city has to offer.

Such an experience is not easy to come by or available to the masses, so one can only imagine how difficult it is to procure a reservation at this chic Asian hot spot.

But rest easy, with FLY on your side you can skip the drama and let us take care of your affairs.  

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