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"I just broke up with my boyfriend, who I'd been living with for almost 2 years.

The split was amicable. He kept the apartment and I kept the mutual friends :)

Now faced with homelessness, mom agreed to join me on an apartment hunt.

We spent a Saturday exploring walk ups and luxury buildings alike.

By sundown I was the proud lessee of an adorable one bedroom apartment on Irving Place.

Since mom agreed to help with the rent, I thought the least I could do was take her to dinner.

I texted FLY, “Something new near Union Square”.

FLY responded, “TsuruTonTan”.

The place just opened last month and it was magnificent.

Mom had the TsuruTonTan Deluxe and I had the Sashimi Salad (both pictured below).

 TsuroTonTan Deluxe

TsuroTonTan Deluxe

 Sashimi Salad 

Sashimi Salad 

She couldn’t stop smiling as she devoured her soup, pausing only to comment that tonight she would brag to her girlfriends about her grand day in “The City”.

I had some bragging planned myself as the new apartment was exponentially better than the old one.

Plus I no longer had to endure persistent snoring or the risk of sitting on a tinkled on toilet seat.

Talk about a new beginning!"                                                  

- As recounted by a member of FLY Concierge



21 E 16th St. NY NY 10003