Fly Concierge

Text. Eat. Drink.

What's The Word?

THE UP & UP is the Word

My buddy and I met for dinner last Friday night at Mario Batali's Lupa in the West Village. 

We were celebrating his law firm promotion to Of Counsel, so when the check arrived we weren't quite ready to call it quits.

He pulled out his iPhone and shot off a text.

A minute later he declared, "Let's check out Up & Up on MacDougal."

I hadn't heard of it, but I had no suggestions of my own, so I said "OK."

This discrete cocktail bar was the perfect locale for a night cap.  

I felt like a kid in a libation candy store, enjoying colorful drinks such as the "One-Star Yelp Review" and "Amongst The Grottoes".

After a few of these tasty concoctions I asked my pal who he texted for this recommendation.

He proclaimed "FLY Concierge."

I hadn't heard of that either, but before he could finish detailing this spectacular concierge service, I had enrolled in the free trial.

Now I can pick the cool place next time.


- As recounted by a client of FLY Concierge




116 MacDougal St., NY NY 10012