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What's romance without a little mystery?

What’s romance without a little mystery?

Below our concierges mention three romantic spots to consider this weekend – but they are not giving out the name… not unless you text them.

And if you think you know where we’re talking about, feel free to leave a guess in the comments below.


Although it can be grimy and dirty and more than a little bit rude, New York City can also be incredibly romantic. From row boat rides in Central Park, to long hand-in-hand strolls along the HighLine, to breathless elevator rides to the Empire State Building observation deck in the hopes of meeting the love of your life (I’m looking at you Meg Ryan)… New York can actually be one of the most romantic cities in the world.

 Empire State Building lit up for Valentine's Day

Empire State Building lit up for Valentine's Day

Though we can’t introduce you to Tom Hanks, our concierges at Fly Concierge can certainly recommend some of the best, quietest, coziest and most hidden spots in New York City where you can lovingly gaze across the table and share some delicious food. 

Text us and let us know that you’re looking for a romantic spot and our concierges might send you to a secret Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn. Behind its factory exterior, you’ll descend a flight of stairs into a quiet, labyrinthine sanctuary – where diners sit in candle lit booths with bamboo curtains to provide that extra little bit of privacy.

 Or perhaps your idea of romance is cuddling up in an alpine lodge with a crystal clear view of the stars? Though our concierges can’t send you to a chalet in Switzerland they would be able to recommend a cozy rooftop retreat modeled after an Italian mountain cabin. And you might not see many stars from the glass enclosed patio, but the twinkling lights of the city spreading out in every direction might just do the trick.

 Or maybe you’d prefer a quiet stroll down an idyllic tree lined block that will bring you to an elegant gem hidden between the brownstones? Inside, a gorgeous, quiet, modern space dotted with white tablecloths will beguile you, while the food and the service are almost certain to have you falling in love. 

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