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Museum Food Part 2: The Whitney

Last week we covered the Museum of Art and Design and its delectable top floor restaurant Robert.

This week we take you downtown to the Meatpacking District for a look at the recently unveiled new Whitney location and its lovely ground floor restaurant, Untitled

 Third floor terrace with views of the Hudson

Third floor terrace with views of the Hudson

The Whitney – or the new Whitney as most of us have been calling it, is the newest major museum in New York City. Previously housed in a brutalist building designed by Marcel Breuer on the Upper East Side – the Whitney has moved its operations to the newly constructed Renzo Piano building smack dab in the middle of the Meatpacking district right at the southern terminus of the HighLine.

(Don’t fear for the old Marcel Breuer building, its been taken over by The Met and will begin serving as an exhibition space for them starting in March).

Although art critics and Fly Concierges alike have argued over the design of the new Renzo Piano building, personally I love it. Like a cruise ship run ashore bearing an incredible collection of art spanning from the early 21st century up through the present day.

 Whitney exterior from the West 

Whitney exterior from the West 

The interior is somewhat revolutionary for an art museum as it was designed with future exhibiting artists in mind. All of the inner walls can be moved or removed. There are hooks on the outside of the building should an artist decide to display there. And even the floors are such that they can easily be broken through should an artist need to dig down a couple of floors to display a piece.

Along with the new museum we get a brand new restaurant cheekily titled: Untitled. Located on the ground floor of the new building, with glass walls on two sides giving diners some of the best people watching available in the trendy Meatpacking District. 

Danny Meyer, behind MoMa’s The Modern (certain to be featured here soon) and Grammercy Tavern has brought in his Grammercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony who is putting together surprisingly affordable, vegetable forward fare paired with a very well curated wine list.

Grab a bite and then check out some art, or vice versa. But regardless:




99 Gansevort St., NY NY 10014