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Winter is coming... Where will I eat?!?

Winter is indeed coming - and while I advise everyone to be safe and smart and prepare - pert of that preparation is going to be knowing where and how to get food. 

Please find a couple of our top tips below: 

If you want to perhaps enjoy this first taste of winter in style, perhaps head up to Mario Battali’s pop-up rooftop Alpine retreat Baita, which was just featured on our blog.

If the thought of going outside in the snow leaves you cold though, maybe stop by at one of the many gastro-orgasmic food halls that have been popping up around the city and pick up some provisions to last you through the apocalypse.

Finally – if you’re already socked in and curled up and refuse to step a foot outside then try one of our favorite services: Munchery or UberEats – some of the best chefs in the city working to bring their creations right to your front door. 

Enjoy and be safe!